Review of the book "Psychosemantics of Art"

In journal "Social sciences" of the Russian Academy of Sciences was published review of the book "Psychosemantics of Art" by V. F. Petrenko (2016. No. 1. P. 143-146).
The review was first published in Russian in the "Psikhologichesky zhurnal" (No. 1, 2016).

"Social sciences" is a quarterly publication of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). The articles selected by the Editorial Council are chosen from books and journals originally prepared in the Russian language by authors from 30 institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

V. F. Petrenko is an outstanding Russian psychologist, doctor of psychological sciences, professor, corresponding member of RAS, famous expert in the field of experimental psychosemantics, cross-cultural psychology and psychology of Art.

The new book by Viktor Petrenko examines the perception of art works by viewers and readers.
The book presents theoretical and empirical studies carried out by or supervised by the author at various periods of time using poetry, painting and cinema as material.

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